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Palm Pacific Construction is one of the top 200 Most Influential Construction Firms for 2020 through our integration of both design and build. Our philosophy is to create the most detailed product to deliver to our clients. Any builder with a license should be able to construct a house, but the real work is in the finish and we are dedicated to delivering the finest, sleekest product to our clients. Palm Pacific Construction can take your dream and create a home that is welcoming, comfortable and the epitome of luxury living. With our extensive knowledge of style and function, we will make your home not only a work of art but a safe, convenient and smart investment.


The Palm Pacific Construction team are experts in luxury and custom home builds, complete renovations, and mid-century modern restorations. Please peruse our portfolio of expert design and builds of everything from kitchens and baths to tile, pools, and landscape. We have expertise in everything from foundation to roof. Ask us about alternative energy and smart systems for your home. We are Southern California's preferred builder and general contractor. Our goal is to create the finest luxury residences for our clients.


The tagline for Palm Pacific Construction is “Extraordinary Luxury Residences”. Our clients have achieved a level of affluence that incorporates leisure and comfort into their everyday state of high-living. Our clientele consists of industry heads, successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s, celebrities and people who have achieved a level of success that affords them the ability to create their dream residence. All money is green but those that have worked hard to achieve their dreams are a joy to learn from, associate with and work for.


Our team is constantly creating and working on new projects.
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High Road
High Road
High Road
High Road
High Road


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